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dipzolmama / Nov 15, 2013
Brandon Rios and Manny Pacquiao (Pacman) is going to fight face to face in Marina Bay Sands in e short time and the fight will be held in 24th November in a great ring . That's why every boxing lover is waiting for the big fight and this will be sure a blood fight for everyone . If Pacquiao can beat Rios the match will be a great match in the history of boxing but there are more problem for him to fight against Rios , because Rios is getting ready for the match in a big strategic way as he can go .




Manny Pacquiao has taken a lot of guff from some fans and media for fighting opponents coming off career-rattling losses. Of the Filipino icon's last nine opponents, seven have come to fight him shortly after a major defeat. It's an odd stat for an elite-level star and one that has served as a huge target for his detractors.

On November 23, in Macau, China, Pacquiao will be facing another opponent from the loser's bracket, but the situation is much different this time.

Brandon Rios is no jaded, weary veteran pug, recently stripped of his career mojo by another elite fighter and he's certainly no battered former champ staggering into a Pacquiao clash after a major whupping.

The 27-year-old "Bam Bam" is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Mike Alvarado in March, but it wasn't the type of loss that should have any effect on a fighter like Rios. Actually, the Mexican-American brawler is such a gutsy, in your face character that it's hard to imagine any loss deterring him from his seek and destroy ring style.

The loss to Alvarado was in a rematch of a brilliantly savage TKO 7 win just five months earlier. This time, though, Alvarado would avoid the toe-to-toe exchanges that led to his demise in their first fight and use lateral movement to negate the hard-charging Rios' face-first style. Through twelve, Rios would win every minor battle, but ultimately lose the war to an opponent who opted to box rather than fight.

To Rios' way of thinking, it was hardly a loss at all. He came to fight, Alvarado didn't. What happened in March was more of a life lesson than anything else.

"The loss to Alvarado earlier this year was a blessing in disguise, because I lost the fight to the cards, a very close fight," Rios said in an HBO blog published by RingTV.com. "On the other hand, I won something else. I won the experience, the experience to never be overconfident again. To always train for all scenarios, and that's exactly what I am going to do."

As for Pacquiao, if there's a right way to handle an ugly knockout loss, Manny seems to have found it.

"It was an exciting fight and I have not lost any sleep over it or dwelled on it," Pacquiao said in his own blog. "It's the nature of the sport, and you have to accept it. I was fully prepared, and had put in my time in training camp. I didn't cut any corners.

"To prepare for Brandon Rios, I began my training camp four weeks earlier than I normally do-- 12 weeks total...It's not so much what I have learned from the Bradley and Márquez fights that is preparing me for my battle with Rios, it's what I have done in advance of my training camp for the Rios fight, and that is to rest...Taking the longest break of my professional career refreshed me physically and mentally."

The gut feeling is that Pacquiao won't be rattled by his most recent defeat or haunted into second guessing his warrior's instinct. According to all reports, Manny is what he was prior to the Marquez about-except maybe even more determined to get a win this time.

Yes, Pacquiao and Rios are both coming off losses and boxing common sense says that it's possible that one or both fighters could be tentative and/or plagued by self-doubt in their return to the ring. But, in this instance, considering the nature of the men involved, it's more likely that these recent setbacks will just make both fighters more determined to leave Macau with a win.
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